Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your patterns for beginners?

All patterns have different skill levels, indicated on the first line of each pattern's description. Most patterns are "Confident Beginner" levels (meaning you have 1-2 quilts under your belt), a few are "Intermediate" (meaning you're ready to grow your skills), and a few are for complete "Beginners". 

However, please note that even patterns marked for "Beginners" still assume some basic sewing and quilting knowledge (for example, that sewing pieces together requires that they be oriented right sides together and using a 1/4" seam).

2. Why don't you offer paper patterns?

As part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, reduce our carbon footprint, and support the preservation of our planet and all life on it, we've decided to only offer PDF versions of our patterns at this time. While there are certainly options and printers that can provide paper patterns on recycled paper and/or using soy-based ink, we still believe digital copies are the best way forward for us right now until we, as a community, can stabilize the health and temperature of our planet.

3. Why do you add information on domestic violence at the end of your patterns?

Unfortunately, domestic violence is an extremely prevalent problem worldwide, and many people are not aware that they are in a dangerous relationship or that there is help available, both of which can be due to many, many different and valid reasons. However, people living with abuse may risk putting themselves in more danger by seeking help, even by doing something as simple as initiating an internet search. In addition, many well-intentioned family members may not know the dynamics and dangers of a loved one's violent or concerning relationship and may attempt to force a person to do something they are not prepared to do, force them to do something that may actually put them in more danger, or may cut off support altogether, leaving an already vulnerable person completely alone.

By including this 2-page information on domestic violence at the very end of our patterns, we hope that this is a discreet way for possible victims to learn more about what they may be experiencing, validate their experiences, and stay safe until they can reach out for help. Likewise, the information will hopefully help friends and family members understand the complexities and dangers of violent relationships and help them respond to their loved one in a more compassionate and supportive way.

4. How much money does The Athena Workshop donate, and where does it donate to?

To see a breakdown of why we donate, how much we donate, and where we donate, click here.