Custom Orders

To request a custom order, send us a message through the Contact page. We will reach out to you to begin discussing your order.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any custom order requests.



Custom Order

Customize an already existing The Athena Workshop pattern to your preferred colors and size. Depending on the size you're requesting and other customers' standing orders, this order may take approximately 2-4 months to complete, but can generally be completed far sooner.

In general, the final cost of a semi-custom order can be estimated at:

  • Baby/Crib size: $250 ($100 deposit required)
  • Throw/Couch size: $500 ($200 deposit required)
  • Twin bed size: $650 ($300 deposit required)
  • Queen bed size: $800 ($400 deposit required)
  • King bed size: $1,000 ($500 deposit required)

You will receive a quote and estimated date of completion to review before booking and paying your deposit. 

You will have 48 hours after paying your deposit to cancel your order and receive your deposit back in full. I will not place orders for fabric or begin working on your quilt until the 48-hour grace period is over.

The balance is due upon completion of the quilt but before mailing it to you. If the balance is not paid within 2 weeks, you surrender your deposit and quilt. (If you need to speak to us about any extenuating circumstances, please let us know. We want you to have your quilt and are willing to work with you.)

If, for some reason, we cannot complete your order, your deposit will be refunded.