Inspired by the mythological Greek goddess of handicrafts, The Athena Workshop creates modern and minimalist quilt designs that are inspired by everyday life, including my Latin American heritage, and that inspire hope and joy through bright colors. AW patterns are designed to be accessible to even the newest quilter with helpful information in each pattern description about the different skill sets you'll learn making each quilt.

We also recognize that everything in this world is political, not least of all the way in which we spend our money. Therefore, much like Athena was also the goddess of wisdom and justice, The Athena Workshop is proud to stand for:

  • full and free creative and artistic expression,
  • free and accessible education for all,
  • the protection of our planet and all life on it, and
  • the elimination of all forms of oppression, including the elimination of racism and gender-based violence.

Megan, Creator and Founder

Hi! I'm Megan, the creator, designer, and quilter behind The Athena Workshop. My mom taught me how to quilt when I was about 12 years old while she was learning how to quilt too. I was her helper in her sewing room, and I learned as she learned.

I love patterns that are well organized and have clean lines with 2-5 colors. My desire is to instill a sense of stillness, peace, and joy through my designs, and to make sure that my patterns are accessible to quilters of all levels, abilities, and (soon) languages.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, with my husband and best friend, Athena.

Athena, Assistant (to the) Regional Manager